Nora Orthofer is a published, creative makeup artist based in London. Nora’s work reveals unique looks while experimenting with different textures, techniques and products. Her work challenges the norm. It is often not typically ‘beautiful’ but focuses on emotion and feeling. She enjoys working with abstraction and using bold, striking methods and styles to achieve her pieces.  Nora is a determined artist who consistently endeavours to pursue new inspirations, and refine her skill, in order to grow and develop. 

Nora studied at the London School of Makeup and West Thames College, she has also worked on numerous fashion, editorial and beauty shoots as well as on fashion shows, short films, charity events and theatre productions.  Nora´s work has been published in several Magazines. 

Prior to working as a makeup artist Nora graduated with a BA in childcarein Germany.  Nora’s work with children and childcare informs some of the creative, social and philosophical elements her Art. She draws on the minutiae, the ordinary experiences, sights and sounds of the everyday to create looks that explore our lives.